Seven Generations of Hemp Farming Experience.

Our Mission

At Atalo we grow, process and distribute hemp-derived, farm fresh, full spectrum CBD with quality and consistency.

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Meet Atalo

Atalo Health is a vertically integrated agriculture and biotechnology firm specializing in the production of US based hemp. Active in advocacy for the decriminalization of industrial hemp since the early 1990’s, the Company began operations immediately upon passage of the 2014 Farm Bill as a premier participant in Kentucky’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. Atalo is a leader in:

  • the acquisition and development of certified industrial hemp seed:
  • the employment of unique and innovative agronomic models to grow industrial hemp in Kentucky utilizing its extensive (100+) best and brightest farmer network; and
  • the utilization of multiple extraction methodologies and post-extraction refinement processes to produce a wide range of hemp-derived products.
About atalo health

Our Core Focus

Atalo’s proprietary seed is certified and pedigreed and can be traced back to 1812. The company focuses on internationally certified seed genetics and the mechanization of growing and harvesting hemp as an agricultural crop. Atalo is leveraging university research projects, strong legislative and political relationships. We have an expansive network of innovative farmers and are a national leader in progressive, cost-effective and scalable hemp production Kentucky and nationally.

Participating in all hemp verticals, Atalo operates state-of the-art extraction and processing facilities to manufacture and sell bulk CBD ingredients and white label products. Atalo’s ability to scale from seed genetics to finished products assures the company will excel in the rapidly growing and changing hemp marketplace. With less than 1% population knowledge of hemp and the benefits and uses of the hemp plant, it is anticipated that the U.S. market will grow to 2.2B by 2022. Atalo intends to take its Kentucky-leading position to capitalize on this market opportunity.

About atalo health


Utilizing a collective 70 years plus agricultural and tobacco research experience, Atalo leverages its industry-leading knowledge and experience to out-perform the competition in the key and primary challenge of industrial hemp.

We are engaged in breeding, development and replication of improved U.S. certified industrial hemp seed varieties and combine these with improved and innovative planting, cultivating, harvesting and drying methods and technologies. Thus, providing a scalable and reliable supply of consistent, high quality, farm-fresh hemp biomass resulting in stable and consistent cannabinoid products.

About Atalo Health

The Atalo Advantage

As a leader in the breeding and improvement of tobacco seed and historic extensive work in patented tobacco microbiology Atalo is:

  • Readily adopting plant system technologies for application in the rapid and targeted improvement of industrial hemp seed stock
  • Combining these improved genetics with the extraordinary expertise of Kentucky’s broadest network of highly qualified and resourceful tobacco farmers seeking the next great crop. With over 150 years of agricultural experience, proven biotechnology research capabilities, well documented corporate leadership expertise and an emphasis on customer satisfaction, Atalo meets all product demands with timely and customer-centric enthusiasm.
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